The following documents below are the most current research abstracts utilized by our Instructor cadre as supplemental research and training material.

Identifying the Limits of Firefight Performance: The Firearms Threat Pattern Recognition Training System - Bruce K. Siddle, 2013

Combat Human Factors: Triggering the Survival Circuit - Bruce K. Siddle and Kevin Siddle, June 2005

Critical Incident Amnesia: The Physiological Basis and the Implications of Memory Loss During Extreme Survival Stress Situations - Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.) and Bruce K. Siddle, 1998

Dynamic Encounter Training: An Analysis of Contemporary Firearms Training Methods and Their Task Suitability for High Stress Combat Scenarios - William E. Burroughs, 1998

Firearms Response Time - Thomas Hontz

Psychological Effects Of Combat - Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.) and Bruce K. Siddle 

Scientific And Test Data Validating The Isosceles And Single-Hand Point Shoot Techniques - Bruce K. Siddle, February 1998

Survival Stress Research Abstract - Darrell Ross, Ph.D. and Bruce K. Siddle 

The Impact Of The Sympathetic Nervous System On Use Of Force Investigations - Bruce K. Siddle, 1999

Use of Force Policies and Training Recommendations: Based on the Medical Implications of Oleoresin Capsicum - Darrell Ross, Ph.D. and Bruce K. Siddle

Violator Movement Times vs. Officer Response Times in Armed Encounters - Raymond P. Rheingans, June 1998