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Antoquan Watson Fatal Officer Involved Shooting

-Written by Mark Bridges, Staff Instructor for HFRG, Inc.[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.hfrg.org/wp-content/uploads/nypost_atlantic_city_shootout.mp4"][/video]In 2014, Pleasantville police officers found themselves in pursuit of Antoquan Watson, who was intoxicated and brandishing a pistol. During the pursuit, Watson crashes into cars and fires a round at pursuing officers. The pursuit terminates after a vehicle clips Watson’s car in an intersection.As seen in the video, officers began to approach Watson who was still in the car. Suddenly, Watson exits his vehicle and aims a pistol at officers, his vehicle seen rolling forward. Watson begins walking forward while firing his weapon as officers return fire with multiple rounds. Surprisingly, Watson continues his advance until he appeared to be struck in the lower half of his body which immediately halted his forward progress and put him on the ground.Officers later state that they feared Watson had body armor on due to the fact that he appeared to have sustained so many gunshot rounds. It was only after a round struck Watson’s lower body that he was stopped. Bruce Siddle has long been an advocate that the hip and pelvis may be an alternative target to achieve immediate incapacitation.HFRG, Inc. research indicates that rounds to the hip and pelvis will cause the suspect to fall to the ground. During that fall, a suspect cannot intentionally target and fire with purpose. The Watson video appears to support that research.