HFRG, Inc. Company Updates

Confirmed Courses for Fall/Winter 2017

Below is a listing of local courses that have been recently added to the HFRG Training Calendar. More details on the courses, including costs, will be added to their respective calendar events soon. If there are any questions regarding any these courses, please give us a call at (618) 476-3200.September 18-22TPR UoF IT CourseSeptember 26-28TPR UoF Transition Instructor-Only CourseOctober 3-6Escape and Evasion Instructor CourseOctober 16-19TPR Firearms IT CourseNovember 7-9TPR Firearms Instructor CourseDecember 4-6Escape and Evasion Instructor CourseDecember 5-8TPR Firearms IT CourseDecember 11-15TBDAll courses above will be at our local Veterans of Foreign Wars facility. In addition, we have three additional dates (two in October and one in November) that we are going to add as soon as we can confirm a location for the courses.