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Staff Instructor Wally Bunt

Last Wednesday afternoon, Staff Instructor Wally Bunt passed away. Wally is survived by a wonderful family, who was always the light of his life.

Wally became a PPCT Instructor in 1985 while we served at the Greater St. Louis Police Academy as Instructors. Wally was in the first Instructor Trainer Class and went on to train thousands of law enforcement and military personnel.

Last fall, Wally advised me he wanted to test for Staff Instructor. Most of you know Wally was an extra-ordinary Martial Artist and Soccer player from a very young age. This background gave Wally an exceptional eye for the subtleties of movement, angles of movement and precision.   

Last Summer Wally re-read the Dynamic Sphere of Aikido, and came to believe the Cartesian Coordinate System should be applied to Use of Force training. Wally spent the next six months working to converge Aikido’s sphere of movement (X,Y,Z axis), with Relative Positioning and the our movement time research.

Wally confessed he was battling cancer last October while threatening me to keep it secret.  I honored his wish, which gave me a chance to study from a man who taught me so much about the character traits of Professional Instructors.

Wally presented his final research about 7 weeks ago. He entered a chemo session the next week and our last visits were through text messages. All preciously saved.

The Bunt family asked me to write his eulogy. If your interested in Wally’s life lesson, the eulogy is attached.

Professionals Instructor are a family. Right now, we should take a few seconds and send Wally’s family the strength of prayer. And when you have a moment, please send your condolences and memories to Wally’s daughter, Mary Wessel.


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