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Training Forms Updated

Training Certification Request (TCR) FormCourse Attendance (CA) FormTraining Injury Report (TIR) Form

The links above are to the newly updated Training Forms (also found on the Training Forms page). The TCR in particular has been updated to reflect the changes to the Defensive Tactics program (now called Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force). We respectfully ask that in submitting for new course work or post course work that everyone utilize these new forms moving forward.Policies on the new forms are the same as the old:Please submit your TCR at least 30 days in advance, especially if you are needing manuals. We understand that department heads can sometimes spring training on instructors at a moments notice and will work with all of you on those instances.A completed TCR submission includes the inside page of the manual (most current is 2017), the Instructor(s) certificate and the filled out TCR. Please do not include any credit card information. Call the office with that information. The updated TCR has an area that asks to "X" a box if you are paying by credit card or by purchase order.Once your course is completed, we ask that you submit your post course paperwork (Course Attendance and Training Injury Report forms) as soon as possible.If there are any questions regarding these policies, please give us a call at the office at (618) 476-3200.

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