Ground Control Systems

Ground Control Systems
Previously known as the Ground Avoidance Ground Escape (GAGE) Manual

The Ground Control Systems course follows a similar design methodology to the Tactical Firearms and the Edged Weapon Control Systems. The system is broken into the following:

Passive Resistance Ground Control
Contain uncooperative actions
Stabilize to apply Touch Pressure control that will be followed by Iron Wrist-lock control
Stabilize to apply Touch Pressure Control followed by Inverted Finger Lock control
All joint locks will transition into Iron Wrist-lock Control

Defensive Resistance Ground Control
Contain resistive actions
Distract through Touch Pressure Control
Disrupt through Distraction Techniques
Control through Iron Wrist-lock Control

Active Aggression Ground Control
Apply Touch Pressure Control
Distract / Disrupt through Shoulder Pin
Disrupt through Crack-Back Control
CQB engagement to Pelvis

While the Ground Control System has been a continuous refinement since 1996, the new TPX Ground Control System is a product of Kerby and Steve Bisnette, with minimal structure input from myself. Obviously, the new system is comprehensive beyond my description but there is zero MMA or BJJ influence in the new system.

Manual availability for the Ground Control Systems course is slated to be released at the end of June 2019. Previous Instructor Trainers of GAGE will need to be re-certified in Ground Control before continuing to teach. The IT class for the Ground Control Systems is now combined with the Edged Weapon Countermeasures curriculum, making that pair a full five day Instructor Trainer course. For more information regarding the application for an Ground Control Systems IT Course, please contact the office.