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For close to 40 years, the principals of the Human Factor Research Group, Inc. (HFRG) have excelled in providing unique complex human factor capabilities in support of domestic and international peace-keeping operations. We instruct and train thousands upon thousands of professionals from multiple different career fields including the Criminal Justice community, Department of Defense, the Intelligence communities (both foreign and national), various levels of academia, and emergency and tactical medicine to name a few. HFRG, Inc. provides our clients with unequaled recruiting, training, staffing and logistical capabilities. Our client base is expansive; from designing curriculum for over 70% of the criminal justice academies, to assisting the Hong Kong government manage (and control) the influx of violent Vietnamese criminals during the late 1980’s, providing combat human factor training to the160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment during the first Gulf War, training the Nation’s most elite Special Warfare counter-terrorism units during the 1990’s,supporting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Unit after the Waco incident, to managing the Nation’s largest private training initiative in history resulting from the September 11, 2001crisis. Few companies have a distinguished past performance equal to the Human Factor Research Group, but even fewer companies have the capabilities of the Human Factor Research Group.


HFRG has been at the forefront of cutting edge research since its early days as PPCT. From being one of the first to utilize pressure points in defensive tactics to threat pattern research and its correlation in firearms and defensive tactics training, HFRG is unparalleled in its commitment to research.


Starting from the criminal justice field to expanding to various DOD and Intelligence related agencies, government contracts of various sizes and more, HFRG has been at the top of professional training for nearly 40 years.

integrity and professionalism

Agencies across North America know that HFRG, Inc. will deliver their training methodologies, materials and conduct in a manner reflecting their own ideals. This conduct has served HFRG well with nearly four decades of satisfied clients teaching our materials and training.