The Threat Pattern Recognition Use of Force (TPR UoF) Manual is the newest version of the the successful Defensive Tactics program taught by HFRG/PPCT for close to 40 years. Updated in the spring of 2017, the TPR UoF manual covers new areas of research in defensive tactics training, including:

- Threat Pattern Recognition Methodology
- HFRG Design Methodology
- Combat Human Factors
- Combat Use of Force and Survival Principles
- Identifying the Limits of Firefight Performance
- The Threat Pattern Recognition (TPR) Solution

All other topics previously covered in the Defensive Tactics Instructor Manual are still included within the manual.

Pricing for this manual can be requested by contacting the office via email or by calling us at (618) 476-3200. Please note that as of the manual update, we no longer offer discounts on bulk quantity.